How To Read A Wiring Diagram Symbols

How To Read A Wiring Diagram Symbols - reading wiring diagrams and understanding electrical symbols very quickly this simple diagram would turn into a great big mess so to simplify this your power wires in this case l1 and n run vertically down the page then circuits off of it such as our switch light run horizontally on rungs the ponent symbols tell half the story but each symbol should be paired with both a name and value to plete it names and values values help define exactly what a ponent is for schematic ponents like resistors capacitors and inductors the value mon electrical symbols learning how to read wiring diagrams is like learning a new language here we ll talk about what the mon symbols stand for learn to read electrical and electronic circuit diagrams or schematics a drawing of an electrical or electronic circuit is known as a circuit diagram but can also be called a schematic diagram or just schematic circuit or.
schematic diagrams consist of symbols representing physical ponents and lines representing wires or electrical conductors symbols on the diagram could vary but typically follow electrician standards in rare cases the diagram could be in black and white or printed without colors this is when the path or lines on the schematic be e important wire colors some wire colors are specific to the wire s use such as black white red and green while others are used for ponent connection and change function from one circuit to another most wire diagrams will have a legend or key just like a road map explaining wire color codes or any other special information needed to read the diagram

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